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About us


Pietermaritzburg Angling Club

Pietermaritzburg Angling Club is one of the oldest Angling Clubs in the KwaZulu-Natal Freshwater Bank Angling Union, having been established in 1944. However, the current Management Committee and membership are testimony to a vibrant, continuously developing club.

We drive a strategy to add value to all members through our monthly club meetings, club outings at various dams in around the Midlands of KZN and workshops.

The Club is an affiliated member of the KwaZulu-Natal Freshwater Bank Angling Union, and offers its members added exposure to Union controlled activities and the possibility to progress their angling from club to provincial and possibly national level.

Some of the club members at the 2017 Club Outing at Pannar




The principal objective is to promote social and recreational amenities or facilities for the members in a non-profit manner.

To transform the angling sport discipline so as to develop the full angling sport potential of all its members interested in the angling sport codes of Bank Angling, Feeder Angling, Match Angling and Carp Angling.


Mission Statement

To assist the development, promotion and transformation of Freshwater Angling consisting of “Bank Angling”, “Feeder Angling”, “Match Angling” and “Carp Angling” facets of angling in the Republic of South Africa, to enable all South Africans to enjoy the benefits of a sport that offers so much to everyone who is interested in freshwater recreational and sport angling.



The Club will, funding permitting, endeavour to create a system that enables all South Africans and ensures a fundamental transformation in sport and nation building through:

the integration of disability sports (through realization of our objectives).

  • An effective and integrated talent identification and development programme embracing all sectors of the population and in particular the youth, disabled, women, schools and rural communities;

  • An accessible performance program that provides for the needs of the athletes and coaches;

  • Effective and proactive partnerships with federations, schools, tertiary institutions, volunteers, sponsors, lotto and government;

  • Complete the integration of disability sports (through realization of our mission statement).

The Club has, over the years, produced many Provincial and National Anglers, from u/13 juniors (boys and girls), u/19 juniors (boys and girls), Senior Ladies, Senior Men, Masters and Veterans.